The „breath of innovation” is not just our slogan… at Biameditek it is a FACT!

We are very pleased to announce, that we have started a partnership with the innovative medical company Medi-Globe, manufacturer of the minimal invasive flexible endoscopic solutions.

Medi-Globe develops, produces and markets innovative instruments with excellent functionality in order to enable doctors to perform endoscopic interventions as precisely and successfully as possible. We are their exclusive distributor in Poland.

EBUS Endobronchiales Feinnadelbiopsie (FNB) System:

✔️ three-point design: special crown tip needle bevel for improved removal of tissue samples

✔️ treated needle surface to increase visibility under ultrasound

✔️ ergonomic one-hand operation for easy adjustment of tube and needle length


EUS Fine Needle Biopsy (FNB) System:

✔️ three-point design (special bevel) of the needle tip support improved removal of tissue samples

✔️ different needle diameters are available, and the systems are also equipped with the Twist-Lock System for secure needle fixation, which also allows ergonomic one-hand operation for easy adjustment of the tube and needle length

✔️ the laser-engraved needle surface helps increase visibility under ultrasound

✔️ each needle variant is equipped with a round nitinol stylet with a Luer lock closure

Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreaticography (ERCP) is used to visualize bile ducts, bladder or pancreatic ducts with X-ray contrast medium. In the course of an ERCP, the GI doctor can obtain biopsy material, implant stents, place a drainage or extract bilde duct stones. Medi-Globe Group ERCP System a.o.: Catheter, Sphincterotomy, Stone Extraction Balloons and Baskets, Stonebuster®.


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